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THE HUNGER GAMES: MOCKINGJAY, PART 2 (Nov. 20) The end of the series, four films later, as Katniss Everdeen turns into pure energy and becomes the queen of Panem. I assuming Jennifer Lawrence will have two or three more Oscar nominations by then and will happily let go of her bow and arrow with both hands

(July 17) Marvel waited a long time for Edgar Wright (Hot Fuzz) to put together the most problematic of the Avengers (he tiny, and he can call ants to his aid kind of ineffectual looking alongside the Hulk). With Michael Douglas as scientist Hank Pym (the original Ant Man) and Paul Rudd as the guy who inherits his pheromones. Expect some funny spin.

AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON (May 1) Send out for more shawarmas.

Giuseppe Zanotti Trainers

Giuseppe Zanotti Trainers

Giuseppe Zanotti Trainers

Just the A's of 2015 are impressive. Next year will see the long awaited sequels to The Avengers, plus the next Marvel Avenger hero, Ant Man (starring Michael Douglas and Paul Rudd, from Hot Fuzz director Edgar Wright). There also Assassin Giuseppe Zanotti White Trainers

The year will also see the first Star Wars movie in a decade, a Max Max reboot, the Hunger Games finale, a new James Bond movie, a Terminator reboot and the first Jurassic Park movie in 14 years.

FIFTY SHADES OF GRAY (Feb. 13) Skedding this movie for February means the Jimmy Choo Tokyo Sneakers Black

ASSASSIN'S CREED (Aug. 7) Yeah, I know, we heard it before. Remember how Jake Gyllenhaal and Prince Of Persia were going to break the wall between video games and movies, a transition that would be commercially successful and please fans? Try, try again. Jordan said to be the new Johnny Storm), Ted 2, Kung Fu Panda 3 and Disney Pixar The Good Dinosaur.

Giuseppe Zanotti Trainers

ANT MAN Jimmy Choo Wedding Shoes

Giuseppe Zanotti Trainers

Creed, a serious attempt next year to break the video game/movie barrier (to be followed in 2016 by Warcraft).

JAMES BOND 24 (Nov. 6) Sam Mendes (Skyfall) returns as director, with Daniel Craig putting retirement talk to rest with a reprise of his haunted, misanthropic Bond. Best rumour we heard: the villain will be one Ernst Stavro Blofeld.

´╗┐Why 2015 might be the greatest movie year ever

STAR WARS: EPISODE VII (Dec. 18) Prepare to go to warp uh, I mean hyperspace. Abrams will reboot George Lucas Jedi franchise, with a plot set decades after that business with the Ewoks. Originals Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher and Mark Hamill are said to be on board, along with a cast of newbies.

TERMINATOR: GENESIS (July 1) Arnie back, in a post gubernatorial reboot of the franchise that is being billed as a "stand alone trilogy" (which may mean a 75 year old Ah nold still terminating by the time it done).

It such a clusterfutz, some studios have already rescheduled themselves out of this year long box office death match (Avatar 2, Warcraft, ID Forever Part I and Superman Versus Batman all got moved from 2015 to 2016 within the past few Giuseppe Zanotti Trainers months). But for now, every theatre in North America is looking at getting extra mileage out of its 3 D IMAX projectors in 2015.

Giuseppe Zanotti Trainers

Giuseppe Zanotti Trainers

MAD MAX: FURY ROAD (May 15) Original Road Warrior director George Miller is back at the helm, with Tom Hardy (The Dark Knight Rises Bane) as Max Rockatansky, the post Armageddon cop. At $100 mil, it leaves all the other Road Warrior movies behind, budget wise. We see if that means better. With Charlize Theron and Nicholas Hault (Jack The Giant Slayer), but no cameo appearance by Mel Gibson.

Giuseppe Zanotti Trainers

Giuseppe Zanotti Trainers

studio doesn consider it Oscar material (big surprise). But will a soft core S series that sold almost 100 million copies drag all its readers into the theatres, or will it be past its pop cultural best before date? By 2015, 50SoG may be as pass as Gangnam Style.

JURASSIC WORLD (June 12) Odd choices all around for this sequel set 22 years after Isla Nubar. A career indie director (Safety Not Guaranteed Colin Trevorrow), and TV actors (Parks And Recreation Chris Pratt, New Girl Jake Johnson) to go with leading lady Dallas Bryce Howard. But really we be watching to see how 14 years of FX advances will juice the dino experience.

Here are the contenders:

Giuseppe Zanotti Trainers

Yeah, there be a Godzilla movie and Spider Man, Captain America, Hunger Games and Planet Of The Apes sequels, and a God knows, maybe four hour Transformers movie with 35% more robot fighting.

Giuseppe Zanotti Trainers

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