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Maybe when the Province is defending limits on Gee's freedom of expression in October it should reconsider reasonable limitations on its own freedom of expression promoting liquor and lotto.

Consider other legal, controlled substances and how free folks are to market them.

Liquor another controlled, legal product has different rules altogether. Beer ads are commonplace, wineries are lauded for their positive economic impact and the province's liquor commission stores openly display their products. When NSLC profits go up, it's toted as a good thing.

Jimmy Choo Wedding Shoes

As much as we agree smoking is not good for health, severely limiting in store displays in a dedicated tobacco shop seems a bit much. It seems government would rather shops like Gee's didn't exist but isn't quite brave enough to ban the goods. Maybe because of the "sin tax" cash flowing from smokers to provincial coffers.

Mader's Tobacco owner Bob Gee got a treat in Kentville court August 18 winning the first part of his Charter challenge of the province's tobacco display regulations.

Gee's case is a bit different than the pharmacy or at the corner store above the candy. If anyone enters his store, odds are Jimmy Choo Mens Sneakers Ebay

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don't want to breathe second hand cancer causing smoke, but we also are pretty tired of the litany of drunk driving and other liquor offenses in the Court Report and From the Cruiser and the heartbreaking tales of people's life savings lost to gambling addiction. Cigarettes aren't the only danger to Nova Scotians' health and wellbeing.

Jimmy Choo Wedding Shoes

Jimmy Choo Wedding Shoes

Jimmy Choo Wedding Shoes

Some tobacco restrictions have made sense like not allowing pharmacies in the business of promoting healthy lifestyles sell smokes. (Although building a semi separate space for offering such goods attached to a pharmacy seems outside of the spirit of the law.) This isn't in the same league.

Jimmy Choo Wedding Shoes

Charged in July 2009 with contravening provincial legislation governing how cigarettes are displayed for sale, Gee contends Tobacco Access Act prohibiting him from advertising and prominently displaying tobacco products behind store counters undermines his ability to run his business.

Jimmy Choo Wedding Shoes

The October hearings are the ones to watch, in our view, when arguments on whether or not that limitation is reasonable in a free and democratic society under Section 1 of the Charter. Laws by definition regulate behaviour and limit freedoms. The trick is to figure out which limitations allow public order while protecting individual freedoms.

´╗┐Where to draw the line

Jimmy Choo Wedding Shoes

Jimmy Choo Wedding Shoes

Gambling is a third Jimmy Choo Trainers Cheap

Jimmy Choo Wedding Shoes

addictive "sin" governments Jimmy Choo Wedding Shoes control and tax. Lottery ads abound and the Atlantic Lottery Corporation always seem to be up to date on the best way to seduce people to buy everything from a scratch ticket on up.

Jimmy Choo Wedding Shoes

Freedom of expression is guaranteed under section 2b of the 1982 Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Judge Claudine MacDonald quite rightfully determined provincial regulations on display of tobacco project limits Gee's.

they are smokers who are going to buy a pack. It's unlikely they are even interested in switching brands. Displaying packs or even branded advertising is probably not going to change their dedication to lighting up.

Jimmy Choo Wedding Shoes

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