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James' attorney said her first trial earlier this year ended in a locked jury because Arthur died at the hands of the hospital.

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James said her husband stold her that he was cut and they needed to go to the hospital. A report from the Lee County Sheriff's Office says an unknown woman dropped Arthur off at the hospital and left.

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saw blood inside her car. The report goes on to say that Arthur died at Lehigh Regional Hospital from a stab wound to his back.

Arthur's death certificate and court documents obtained by WINK News say he died from "esophageal intubation during treatment of respiratory failure."

On her way back to the hospital, Leatha says her car stalled at a gas station across the street from the hospital and that's where deputies caught up with her and Jimmy Choo Heels Black

Jimmy Choo Womens Shoes Ebay

"It got to the point where I came back into the house cause I didn't want to let him in so I figured if I could just beat him back into the house, I could just lock him out," said James.

wasn't put correctly in the right place and that was actually the cause of death and that is from the medical examiner, not us," said Joe Viacava, James' attorney.

"I thought I had some shoes in the car or something that I could just run out and put on but I didn't have anything in there so I jumped in my car and I came home to change clothes real quick," said Leatha.

"I'm not responsible for his death so how are they going to blame me for something I'm not responsible for? They said a five year deal and I just felt like why should I plead guilty to something I didn't do," said James.

She's already been through one trial. The entire time, James has said she is not responsible for killing her husband.

Prosecutors have offered a five year Jimmy Choo Womens Shoes Ebay probation plea deal, but rather than take the deal, James is going back to trial and possibly facing 12 years in prison for manslaughter.

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Leatha said on the night of January 7, 2010, she and her husband, who were together for 30 years, got into an argument. She wanted to know if he was cheating.

Jimmy Choo Womens Shoes Ebay

LEE COUNTY, Fla. Prosecution against Leatha James for Manslaughter begins this Tuesday. The Lehigh Acres woman is holding onto her innocence in the 2010 death of her husband.

Jimmy Choo Womens Shoes Ebay

Jimmy Choo Womens Shoes Ebay

´╗┐Wife accused of manslaughter goes to trial a second time

Documents say that Arthur told the hospital staff that he stabbed himself. Documents also say in a 911 call made while they were driving to the hospital, "what appears Giuseppe Zanotti Wing High Heels

to be the voice of the victim, Arthur James, can be heard saying something to the effect that 'she stabbed me in the back'. "

"The hospital actually intubated him incorrectly which means that the breathing tube Jimmy Choo Trainers Ebay Uk

Jimmy Choo Womens Shoes Ebay

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