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A territorial court judge slapped three Whitehorse hunters with fines earlier this winter for wasting meat during a sheep hunt.

But I like to know: Do the COs follow a prescribed policy/procedure for responding to Giuseppe Zanotti Alien 115

Conservation officers were tipped off by other hunters of three sheep carcasses with wasted meat found at Trout Lake, about 50 kilometres west of Whitehorse, in November of 2007.

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Unless Jesus pulls off a comeback and does that Lazarus trick again, I suspect the wolves will remain motionless. As for Mr. Thomas pending legal war, depending on good fortune and/or wealth, he will or will not retain legal counsel who possesses or finds that necessary edge to triumph over opposing counsel. As for all the chatter about the seized computers and phones, the Charter to meant to protect us against unreasonable search and seizure.

"Poor practice is what I'd call it," said Bakica.

day sheep hunting course.

That much meat may weigh about 4.5 kilograms per sheep, said Bakica.

To bad people don get this fired up over the big picture.

not a wolf kill advocate. I not here trying to think that we should fly helicopters around and shoot wolves, he said. not my stance. My stance is that you should be able to protect your family and your property. Yet his decision to shoot the wolves resulted in what Thomas sees as an unreasonable violation of his personal property.

Conservation officers came to his house on May 3. They took his guns, hunting equipment, computer and cellphone. There were 47 items seized.

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"If you make a mistake, report it," said Bakica. "If we find out after the fact . it won't be helpful to you."

Aren Coates, Christopher Kostelnick and Clayton Thomas were all fined $750 for wasting meat when they were sentenced November 3.

I don personally agree with what Clayton did but I can understand it and can understand a desire to protect those we love.

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On top of the fines, the judge ordered the three men to attend a one Giuseppe Zanotti Sale Heels

It wouldn't be considered much on a moose, which could easily have 140 kilos of meat on it. But it amounts to about one fifth of the meat found on a sheep.

Thomas received an additional fine of $500 for providing false information to a conservation officer. He reported the wrong location for his kill.

The number of comments on this story may bump the Trevor the dog saga to second place. I wonder what the reaction would have been had Trevor been killed by wolves?

all in a fluff over this issue when things like big oil, big money and big egos are poised to set in motion stuff that will change our territory forever potentially (prolly putting numerous wolves in harms way) yet the few stories or letters go undebated.

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did this for a reason. I knew what I was doing the minute I left here and grabbed my gun, said Thomas. knew that I was going to get caught. I knew what I was doing was right. And I knew that I was breaking the law. I going to pay the price, but I know I right. Thomas has been hunting and trapping his whole life. He knows the wolves killed the dogs because he found them in the same place where the dogs were killed, he said.

He has been charged with illegal hunting under the Wildlife Act.

I support what Clayton did, in fact people shot wolves up here all the time. When the US Army was up here in the 1940 they shot everything that moved. This isn even news.

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Zanotti Heels 2017

Some interesting comments from both sides of the debate.

Trevor the dog, the fox killed at the airport and the case of Mr. Thomas show us what happens when we listen to experts government bureaucrats and the spandex wearing yuppies ie: a bunch of blown money and whining and crying over nothing!

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´╗┐Whitehorse resident charged for shooting wolves

The case goes to show that it's better to own up to a mistake rather than cover your tracks and hope you aren't caught, said conservation officer David Bakica.

resident concerns or do they make it up fresh for each call day by day and by the nature of the call? Zanotti Heels 2017 Being Peace Officers one would expect some protocol to be in place for these situations.

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When I contacted the Yukon Conservation Office about coyotes running all over town, I was told by them that are not the problem, people are the problem Sorry, this is a city and people are not the problem here! Wild animals running all over urban centers are not a good mix. You shoot a few of them and they teach their cubs not to go around there.

The carcasses, which were partially scavenged when found by conservation officers, had meat left on their ribs and neck.

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Clayton Thomas shot the wolves last month because he believed they killed his friend two dogs, he said. He knew he was breaking the law the season for hunting wolves ends on March 31.

Blows me away the number of comments over this. Blows me further away to consider that people get Giuseppe Zanotti Blue Velvet

Some of the comments here are pretty ignorant if not amusing. For the record, Yukon and Alaska was and is populated by toting rednecks Always has been, always will be. If you don like the culture then move back to your million dollar condo in Toronto or Vancouver. Take your regulations with you too.

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"These fellows were trying to hide what they did," he said.

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